9WF0624H7D01 Datasheet – FAN 60X15MM 24VDC OIL PROOF LOCK – Sanyo Denki America Inc.

Product DATASHEET Overview

  • Description:


  • Part Number:


  • Manufacturer:

    Sanyo Denki America Inc.

  • Unit Price (USD): $21.10000
  • Series: San Ace 60WF
  • Voltage Rated: 24VDC
  • Part Status: Active
  • Features: Locked Rotor Sensor
  • Operating Temperature: -4 ~ 158°F (-20 ~ 70°C)
  • Size / Dimension: Square - 60mm L x 60mm H
  • Ingress Protection: Oil Resistant
  • Width: 15.00mm
  • Power Watts: 2.88W
  • RPM: 6800 RPM
  • Termination: 3 Wire Leads
  • Air Flow: -
  • Static Pressure: -
  • Bearing Type: Ball
  • Fan Type: Tubeaxial
  • Noise: 44.0 dB(A)
  • Approvals: CSA, TUV, UL
  • Weight: -
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This Datasheet is about "FAN 60X15MM 24VDC OIL PROOF LOCK", Part Number of datasheet is "9WF0624H7D01" and Manufacturer name is "Sanyo Denki America Inc.".
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A datasheet is usually used for technical communication to describe technical characteristics of an item or product. An electronic datasheet specifies characteristics in a formal structure that allows the information to be processed by a machine.