CT3158-100 Datasheet – CABLE, BNC – ALLG CLIPS – 50OHM, – Cal Test Electronics

Product DATASHEET Overview

  • Description:


  • Part Number:


  • Manufacturer:

    Cal Test Electronics

  • Unit Price (USD): $11.00000
  • Series: Cal Test
  • Configuration: BNC to Alligator
  • 1st Connector: BNC, Male Plug
  • 2nd Connector: Alligator Clip, Insulated (2)
  • Cable Length: 39.4" (1000.00mm)
  • Wire Gauge: -
  • Cable Type: RG-58C/U
  • Voltage Rated: 500V
  • Current Rating: 3A
  • Temperature Range: 32°F ~ 122°F (0°C ~ 50°C)
  • Material Insulation: -
  • Color: Black Cable, Black and Red Leads
Short Desciption of Datasheet:
This Datasheet is about "CABLE, BNC - ALLG CLIPS - 50OHM,", Part Number of datasheet is "CT3158-100" and Manufacturer name is "Cal Test Electronics".
Datasheets are instruction manuals for electronic components. A typical datasheet for an electronic component contains information about Manufacturers name, Part number and Short functional description, Pin connection, diagrams etc.
A datasheet is usually used for technical communication to describe technical characteristics of an item or product. An electronic datasheet specifies characteristics in a formal structure that allows the information to be processed by a machine.