IN421WB-E Datasheet – FLASHLT CLIP KRYPTN 16.5LM AA(4) – Energizer Battery Company

Product DATASHEET Overview

  • Description:


  • Part Number:


  • Manufacturer:

    Energizer Battery Company

  • Unit Price (USD): $Discontinued at Digi-Key
  • Series: Contractor®
  • Part Status: Discontinued at Digi-Key
  • Features: Swiveling Head
  • Length: 9.60" (243.8mm)
  • Material Body: -
  • Battery Cell Size: AA (Requires 4)
  • Lamp Type: Krypton
  • Lamp Output: 16.5 Lumens
  • Type: Standard
Short Desciption of Datasheet:
This Datasheet is about "FLASHLT CLIP KRYPTN 16.5LM AA(4)", Part Number of datasheet is "IN421WB-E" and Manufacturer name is "Energizer Battery Company".
Datasheets are instruction manuals for electronic components. A typical datasheet for an electronic component contains information about Manufacturers name, Part number and Short functional description, Pin connection, diagrams etc.
A datasheet is usually used for technical communication to describe technical characteristics of an item or product. An electronic datasheet specifies characteristics in a formal structure that allows the information to be processed by a machine.